Faithful Fiver’s


The Faithful Fiver’s Seventh Tradition Plan

What are “Faithful Fivers?”

Faithful Fivers are A.A. members who graciously pledge to at least contribute five dollars each month to support the West Hawaii Intergroup Office in its efforts to carry the A.A. message of hope and recovery to alcoholics who still suffer on the Big Island of Hawaii. As a Faithful Fiver, your personal contribution can and will make our vital services possible.

The Faithful Fivers idea originated when we took into account that we wasted more than $5 a month (day?!) during our drinking careers. Your contribution will help provide the services necessary to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous directly to the front lines of the battles for sobriety.

Contributions are limited to $3000 per member/per year and are tax deductible.

What services does the Intergroup Office offer?

– Answers inquiries from those seeking help: suffering alcoholics, sober alcoholics, meeting questions, groups, professionals, and the general public.
– Orders and sells GSO approved A.A. literature and chips.
– Publishes and sells meeting schedules.
– Maintains a 12th Step list for men and women to accommodate the still suffering alcoholics.
– Maintains a 24-Hour Help Line for A.A. members and the general public.
– Publishes the monthly newsletter “The Coconut Wireless.”
– Serves as an information exchange with other Hawaii Intergroup Offices, Districts, Area 17 & A.A. Groups.
– Cooperates closely with vital A.A. entities — GSO New York, Grapevine, Inc., the General Service Board, New York, and all A.A. delegates, representatives, Central Offices and Committees.
– Participates in local A.A. events and fundraisers.

If you wish to become a Faithful Fiver, download the form below (PDF), print, fill out and send it to the Intergroup Office with your contribution.

Faithful Fivers flyer

Mahalo for your generous Support!